Untitled (Picture No. 1), 2013
Archival pigment print
45 x 24cm

Untitled (Picture No. 2), 2013
Archival pigment prints mounted on aluminium
Two archival pigment prints mounted on dibond, 22 x 31.5cm each

Untitled (Picture No. 3), 2013
Archival pigment print on silk, dowel
220 x 180cm

Pictures (Installation view)
Rae & Bennett Fine Art Gallery + Printers, Melbourne, 2013
Photography: Clare Rae

In Pictures Hanna Tai questions the geocentrism of photography – our tendency to take the Earth, and our standing bodies on it, as the ultimate reference point for spatial relationships. Removing the Earth as a center, Pictures concentrates on the multiple layers of spatial flattening that take place in and around the photograph.