No World, No Horizon (Desire Line), 2020
Documentation of LAST Collective performance
Single channel video, no sound
Excerpt: 1:00 mins


  1. Select your pencil from the jar, and sharpen if necessary
  2. Starting at the left edge of the canvas, find a line to follow (it might be thick, it might be thin)
  3. From left to right, trace the line as closely as you can
  4. From the moment your pencil touches the surface, try not to lift it, try to keep going
  5. Try not to break your line, but don’t worry if you do
  6. If you veer away, gently come back
  7. Take as much time as you like
  8. Look closely
  9. Remember to breathe
  10. Once you reach the right edge of the canvas, your line is complete
  11. Sharpen your pencil, and return it to the jar


  1. When your pencil first touches the surface, think of what you would like for the world
  2. As you draw your line, think of how this may be achieved
  3. When you finish your line, consider it already done

No World, No Horizon (Desire Line), 2020
Participatory drawing, pencil and acrylic on canvas
420cm x 160cm
Photographer: Jorge de Aurajo

Not not not not (Invisible Substance), 2019
Dark Night edition
Sewn flag with reverse applique
250cm x 125cm

Caterpillar, 2019 (video still)
Single channel video, no sound, 1:44 mins, looped

No World, No Horizon, 2017
Dibond mounted archival pigment print
84cm x 59.5cm

A Device to Save Us All (from mosquitoes, illness, bad dreams, climate change, etc), 2019
Mosquito netting, thread, wood, sandbags
Two pieces, dimensions variable
Photographer: Jorge de Aurajo

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.